Ceramic Products
The Japanese ceramic tradition is arguably the finest in the world. With influences from China, Korea and the West, a talented lineage of artists and artisans, an adoring collecting public, and a food tradition that places utmost importance on tableware.

Japanese Cuisine was designated the Intangible Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO in 2013. One of the major components of traditional Japanese cuisine is the tableware, which is used to set a tone, and express the different seasons. Dining at restaurants (both high end and casual) in Japan, you will be hard-pressed to find plain, white plate ware. Each region of Japan represents different styles of ceramics, and the Japanese are also very particular about the uses for each type of tableware. They have carry many categories, Table top (Sakeware, Plates, Donabe Casseroles, Bowls, Drinkware, Sauce Dishes, Serveware, Tea ware, Chopsticks & Rests, black porcelain, bambooware) Disposables, Uniform,  Utensils.

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