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Since 1975, Landex has established itself as a leading provider of premium tabletop solutions, delivering excellence in service and product quality to both professionals and homes throughout Southeast Asia.

Over the past almost 50 years, Landex has evolved into key focused products to deliver only the best for your table tops. Now, Landex has grown to be the preferred partner of renowned hotels and restaurants, and serves a wide clientele from F&B establishments to educational institutes and corporate offices.

Landex is also the exclusive distributor to many leading international brands; and partner to Luzerne.

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The Luzerne Tableware – Edition 2

Tiger Buffetware – 2019

Sola Flatware


PAMA Stainless Steel Serviceware


Landex Chopstick

Landex Melamine

Landex Hotel

Guestroom Accessories

Japanese Tableware

Our Customers

Our Customers

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Senso Stemglass

Ref. ARC G3805

C 35 cl – 11 3/4 oz.

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Multi Purpose Stemglass

Ref. ARC H2321

C 40 cl – 13 1/2 oz.

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Washington Tumbler

Ref. G3160

C 42.5 cl – 14 1/4 oz.

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Sensation Stemglass

Ref. C&S 30793

38 cl – 12 3/4 oz.

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Princesa Tumbler

Ref. ARF 42440

C 28 cl – 9 1/4 oz.

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Cabernet Stemglass Cocktail

Ref. C&S 62449

30 cl – 10 oz.

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Bola Tumbler HB Grey

Ref. G4667

C 36 cl – 12 oz.

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Madura Tumbler

Ref. ARF G9081

C 26 cl – 8 3/4 oz.

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Princesa Stemglass

Ref. J4155

42 cl – 14 oz.

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Open Up Stemglass ROUND

Ref. U1010

37 cl – 12 1/2 oz.

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